League U.S. Embassy Golf Assoc. #Informal Match Play Tournament

News Informal Match Play Tournament
Detail Due to the lack of scheduled golf tourneys by the AGA in the months of March and April we are proposing the following. We have an informal match play tourney with the winners announced at the club championship. 24 (or 12) people decide to play and we determine that 3 rounds are needed to complete the tourney. We would set up the 1st round pairings and tell them that they must complete their round by the 11th of April. After round 1 there are 12 people left. We set up the pairings and tell them that they must complete round 2 by 25 April. We now only have 6 people left; we set up the pairings and tell them they have until May 9th to finish round 3. We would then have a stroke play tourney for the final three to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Your current Thaigolfer handicap will be used unless you have a verified handicap from another source. Please contact aga_members@hotmail.com if you are interested no later than 1 April.
Posted at 2009-03-25 07:37:32


Coming Soon! Thaigolfer Mobile (aka mCaddy) to keep your score, track distances, loads of stats about your round and more.


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