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News The Day the Dogs Were Let Loose ..
Detail And wow, did they perform tricks ... Historical and very proud day on Saturday with Soi Dogs Capuring our first Bangkok Golf League Title in style with a 4-0 whitewashing against the course. This posting is to pay tribute to all players who contributed throughout the year, everyone played their part, and without your support we could not have carried home the trophy for the year. Your efforts were truly noted. For all past players etc, thanks for your moral support, and i am sure you can all understand the ups and downs of golf, and also the difficulty in getting to the top. But we did it. A Champion Team will always beat a Team of Champions, and we proved this over last year and carried it on thru 2008. Its been fun, so lats keep it up. i will organize a dinner at some stage prior to Xmas, and I have spare mememto trophies for players who played during the year. Thanks again for your efforts in 2008.
Posted at 2008-10-20 17:57:44


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