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News Matti Fatti and the Future of Golf...
Detail Hey Matt L. , start typing in your stupid scores bra! I think you are old enough to have a TRUE handicap...... Lets go golfers, lets get this league going! I would like to extend a warm welcome to STEVE or AKA before Mark J. to the Masterstrokes...we are sure he will prove us all wrong! Idea #1...after school on the 30th we leave to Kanchanaburi, stay that night, golf Nichiko on the 31st, our day off, and then bus back to BKK on the 31st. Mummers....more.....mummers...... P.S. A special Thank You to Tim and Matt for their work on the Mum's the Word Classic. **$#@! MAGICAL**@!&$$
Posted at 2007-05-04 07:37:49


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