League Members #BAGS 2011

Displaying 1-21 of 21 results.
Fullname Username Handicap
Michael Moirmikemoir9-1.6
Robbo Briarsbandit12.8
David John Ambridgeambo4.5
Bryan Dodddodsie6.3
Peter Bouraspeterbouras6.4
Mike Smithsmithm8.9
John PollardJohnThePom9.0
David L. Crouchdcrouch9.1
John Terrycfcblues9.6
Mike Dudinemdudine9.8
Howard Leighhowardleigh11.6
Tony Jeffreystonyjeffreys12.0
Phil BarberBarberPG12.9
Bruce MclarenBigbadbrucey13.2
Neil Russell Torranceneiltorrance14.2
DEAN DODGSONdeandodgson14.7
Philip Barbourphilbarbour16.7
Peter O'Connorpetero24.2
Philip AdkinsPa-Pom25.2
colin derek fergusonfergusc135.0
Bryan Doddbeedee


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