For Ariya, Lexi, finish was fabulous, frustrating

NAPLES, Fla. – Lexi Thompson can take a punch.

You have to give her that.

So can Ariya Jutan... read more

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howardleigh is ranked #1

The Royal Gems Golf City

Score: 78 HCP: 11.9

Rank Name Course Score HCP
2 nicktoon Thai Country Club 78 3.4
3 hillview33 The Tiger Golf Club 81 10.7
4 teamtwo Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club 81 8.2
5 DALowe Springfield Royal Country Club 83 8.0
6 lucx52 Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club 84 7.9
7 jaygolfer Royal Bangkok Sports Club 85 11.3
8 cain48 The Tiger Golf Club 85 8.8
9 tigertong2002 Green Valley Country Club 86 10.9
10 erich The Royal Gems Golf City 87 19.1
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Thailand Golf Paradise

The quality of the Thailand golf courses is top international level but the fees are a real bargain no matter where you are coming from. Most courses have been designed to championship standard by the world's top course designers: Pete Dye, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Nick Faldo, etc.


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