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From: Thisan
Date: 2013-02-25 02:23:59
 Appearance: 5  Distance: 5  Forgiveness: 5
 Feeling: 5  Value of Money: 4  
Specifications: Twin AX-Sole, MP-200 Stiff, Loft 9
Excellent sound impact. Aren't you be proud owning the longest driver tested by a robot? Feeling impact is really transparent and soft. Impressive long distance with boring trajectory. Forgiveness may not be as great as those 400+cc drivers, though good enough for me who prefer the volume bw 300 to 350. (old fashion) The only thing I complain is pricing which is relatively more expensive than other levelled drivers e.g. 983k, GBBII, etc. Anyway, I bought and own it.
From: HAM
Date: 2013-02-25 02:23:59
 Appearance: 5  Distance: 5  Forgiveness: 5
 Feeling: 5  Value of Money: 5  
Specifications: 10


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