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Posted: 2013-08-25 14:34:55
Very good golf course!
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Posted: 2013-08-13 05:36:35
Very good condition!
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Posted: 2013-08-10 20:40:09
Very well maintained course.
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Posted: 2013-07-28 20:38:12
So good I became a member!
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Posted: 2013-06-17 08:43:21
good course
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Posted: 2013-06-12 10:44:59
A beautifully presented course but beware the double pricing for Farangs.
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Posted: 2013-06-02 11:38:13
My group had 3 new caddies - could not tell distance, could not pick ball from cup, forgot putter on greenfogot to lift flag, forgot to replace flag. Terrible.
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Posted: 2013-05-24 08:20:14
When you compare all the values like fairways, greens, caddies, food and value of money, this course is one of the best overall.  If there is a real negative of this course it is that the land on which the course is built is too flat.  This makes the course a little boring as compared to say, Alpine.  That being said, the course has a few interesting holes that I really love to play.  The maintenance has been outstanding as of late.  The greens and the fairways are free of unintended grasses and the water hazards (lakes and creeks) have clear, fish filled waters.  The landscape is beautiful with flowers, mature palms and tamarind trees that look as if they had always been there and the course was built around them.  This is an excellent course for members because playing there is like a nice walk in a botanical garden.  And for all that, I joined last year. 
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Posted: 2013-05-05 09:28:26
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Posted: 2013-03-03 03:40:26
If it wasn't for the less than useless caddie I had, I would have really enjoyed this course, it is a lovely course! I wish I could remember the caddie's number so all could avoid her.


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