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Posted: 2015-08-07 18:54:44
Played well today, caddy was first class
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Posted: 2015-07-29 21:21:35
I played with my son as my partner, and we almost won, but I missed a putt on the last green..! Oh well..
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Posted: 2015-07-21 19:32:43

Best course within 100 km.
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Posted: 2015-07-21 19:29:58

Not a perfect course but the best course in this area. Only problems is not enough sand in traps or basically dirt traps.  Traps are an insult to the rest of the course.  I always enjoy and have fun with the best caddy at the course.
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Posted: 2015-06-07 18:32:18
Courde in good condition, although my game was not..!
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Posted: 2015-04-22 15:20:46
always a beautiful course
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Posted: 2015-04-12 18:42:32
Too much sand on greens and some fairways at times. Sprinklers need to be adjusted to not make sand traps basically mud traps all the time.
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Posted: 2014-10-30 10:36:33
good experience.  need to improve for club house.  
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Posted: 2014-10-23 19:14:33
Have good promotion on Fridays and weekends (after 12 I think).  Have my regular caddy that knows the greens.  Usually slow, they let 5 and 6 balls on the course but can go around them no problem.
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Posted: 2014-08-02 17:35:57
Excellent course, all round good experience.


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